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God, Use Weakness. God, Use Me!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, July 28, 2015

God's opportunity to show His strength. Psalm

God, Use Weakness. God, Use Me!

God uses the oddest things. Like weakness. God plans on making sure that weakness is prominently represented in every aspect on God’s work in the world. Today. Now.

The month of July is winding down, but we still get to view several great chapters in this book, Praying the New Testament as Psalms. Like this one, for example. The two authors adapted this book from the books of the Bible, and we have several excellent topics to cover before we leave the end of July.

As I consider today’s chapter, I feel so moved by this modern psalm: “Help me to accept my limitations./You choose what is weak to shame the strong.” [1] Wow. Let me say that again. WOW.

Personally, I feel pretty small and very weak. See? God uses me—uses you—and the attributes God wants to convey. I know I am an imperfect person. Still, God uses all of the imperfections in each one of us to get God’s message across. Despite fancy electronics or high tech photos, still, God’s message goes out.

God, bless all those who are struggling to get the message across. It’s Your message. Wherever, Even whenever.


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[1] Praying the New Testament as Psalms, Desmond O’Donnell, OMI, and Maureen Mohen, RSM, (United States of America: ACTA Publications, 2002.), 200.