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Seasons of My Soul

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, June 13, 2015

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Seasons of My Soul

I enjoy living in the Midwest for a number of reasons, not least of which is the turning of the seasons. But—I hadn’t considered that there were seasons for my soul, too. Ups and downs, verdant springtime, growing summer, hesitant autumn, and withdrawn winter.

Yes, I am very much aware of the concept of the dark night of the soul. Oh, yes. And, I have experienced it a number of times, for periods of time. Definitely a hesitant autumn, or even a withdrawn winter. I cried out to God (or, the Source, or Higher Power, or the Ineffable), and I got next to no answer. Yup. That was me. No answer, God!

By and large, the Handbook for the Soul is helpful to me. And, especially this chapter.

Linda Leonard had excellent suggestions for the ways of nurturing soul, of self-care for the soul. She had a difficult childhood, by her own report. She worked through the stuff, and I suspect she is a marvelous therapist. (Even though one of her specialties happens to be interpretation of dreams. I very rarely remember my dreams, so I would need to find another way of understanding myself, a different kind of interpretation.)

I believe in the changing of the seasons, and the calendar year. Extended into Christianity, I also appreciate the liturgical (or, church) year. Finally, I appreciate the diversity of expressions of soul, mind, spirituality, divinity. Higher Power, God, any other conception people come up with. I try to be supportive and encouraging, no matter what. Even if I’m going through a hesitant autumn or a withdrawn winter.

I will strive to take all suggestions into consideration, whenever I pray, meditate and reach out for some kind of caring, loving Presence. God willing, yes!


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