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Do Justice? Help Me Raise Up the Lowly!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, July 24, 2015

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Do Justice? Help Me Raise Up the Lowly!

Last day at the New Wilmington Mission Conference—such an amazing, energizing experience! God was in so many aspects of this conference. So, so many. I saw the Lord show up in such unexpected ways, too.

As I turned to the modern psalm today, I was touched. It moved me. I wanted to highlight so many parts of this chapter from Praying the New Testament as Psalms.

I finally settled on two: psalm verses adapted from James 2 and Luke 1. First, “Deepen in me my love for my neighbor/as I carry out the works that accompany faith.” [1] This verse is so much in keeping with one of the major themes of the letter of James. Just as I love and have faith in God, my service is an expression of that deep love and gratitude for my salvation. My good works come out of my faith—are a natural expression of my love for God and neighbor.

Second, “Let me see the injustice of our world and join You in raising up the lowly.” [2] This verse adapted from the Magnificat of Luke 1 hits me right in the gut. My family knows that I can strike up a conversation with most anyone, at a moment’s notice. And, often, people start right in telling me their problems. I am a chaplain and pastoral care person, at heart. I can come alongside of people and walk with them through their difficulties.

Another side of this natural openness that is part and parcel of _me_ is that social justice component. God, give me such an openness to You. Please, God, help me raise Your name as I raise up the lowly. Thank You, God.


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