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Center on Christ. (Jesus’ Last Name?)

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jesus Christ - clouds

Center on Christ. (Jesus’ Last Name?)

September means Centering Prayer. I’m choosing a name of God found in the Bible, and using that for my word of the day. My word—Name of God for today is Christ.

This particular Name struck me as a part of God’s Name I use on a regular basis. So regularly, in fact, I overlook the significance of it. This was the strong impression I received as I started thinking about this Name and praying with it.

Quick on the heels of this serious thought came a more humorous one: Christ is Jesus’ last name. Even though I had the initial, serious, almost scholarly thought in my head first, I rolled this funny one around, too. I could almost see a stand-up comedian in front of a mic on a small stage (a la comedy club) doing a routine about Jesus. His origins, a little about His parentage. And how His last name wasn’t really Christ after all.

But then, I gravitated back to the significance of Christ. I know it’s a Greek word for “anointed.” A translation for the Jewish word “Messiah.” Mark 1 and Matthew 1 both refer to Jesus as “Jesus Christ” or “Jesus called the Christ.” That’s straightforward enough for me.

I come back to the regular use of this Name. Its use is so common that I may be guilty of treating the seriousness—even the Godliness—of the Name much too lightly. Not that I think that our Lord Jesus expects me to cower at His Name, or His presence! No, certainly not. But, I need to explore exactly what Jesus’ Name (or, Names) mean to me.

Thank You, dear Lord Jesus, for the wake-up call. I know You are loving, caring, nurturing and patient. (God knows You need a great amount of patience with me!) Thank You for loving me, even when I make You unhappy, or even mad. Help me as I explore these different Names of Yours this month. Continue to give me insight and understanding, too. Thank You, God!


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