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PEACE: Morton Grove Community Peace Vigil

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, June 1, 2016

PEACE: Morton Grove Community Peace Vigil

Peace Vigil sign

Tonight was the night. The night of the Peace Vigil.

I was in fear of no one showing up, especially with the downpour and otherwise heavy rain that fell several times in the last week! Thankfully, we were able to change the venue to inside the Morton Grove Civic Center (from outside and behind the Center). The grassy area was still very soggy. I can just imagine what that might have looked like with all those people tramping on the grass. Churning the grass into mud. I shudder at the thought.

I especially would like to thank Ralph, the Village Administrator. Such kindness. He assisted me with so much in the past few weeks. Also Paul, the director of Public Works, and the several other Village employees who helped. Not to forget Mayor DiMaria, who was wonderful enough to open the Peace Vigil and welcome everyone who attended.

And Janine, Dilnaz, Jill, and Donelle. Appreciate all the encouragement, support, and downright coordination that happened over these past few weeks.

Right now, the Peace Vigil is a bit of a blur. I will probably run through it in my head a number of times, and critique it over the next few days. Right now, it is enough to say that the Peace Vigil accomplished its purpose wonderfully. It was a simple event. Janine, Dilnaz and I wanted to get some of the diverse people in our community together, think about peace and harmony, and seek to continue the conversation of peace. And, we did. It happened.

Morton Grove and its surrounding communities are indeed quite diverse. Culturally, ethnically, in terms of religion, and in several other ways. Great opportunity to embody the melting pot that is the United States.

The choir, the conversation, the community—all marvelous. Thank you to all who attended.

Dear God, thanks for a spirit of openness, of encouragement, and of friendship that was here in this Peace Vigil tonight. Thank You for assisting me in organizing and coordination. I am grateful, thankful, and humbled at the marvelous response and participation.

Bless all who attended, and give their families and loved ones comfort.


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