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Love One Another—in Prayer?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, April 8, 2015

LOVE one another John 13-34

Love One Another—in Prayer?

You know how something just jumps out at you, and grabs your attention? That’s how it was with me and a couple of verses from the liturgical daily prayer book. Earlier, I read an extended passage from John 13. Yes, I appreciated parts of this whole passage. However, verses 34 and 35 made a particular impact on me.

Our new command from Jesus? Love one another. By this, everyone will know that we are Jesus’ disciples.

Gosh, I guess people have been messing that one up for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Just recently, I talked with a good friend of mine in another state. She told me about a medical situation with an older relative, and another family situation where things might change pretty drastically. Both are things my friend needs prayer for! (As well as her family, too!)

I know that God is listening, sure. But, I also understand that this command to love one another gives many people a belief structure to grab on to. Loving God is in a vertical direction, it’s true. However, loving other people is very much on a horizontal plane. Praying for my friend and for /her family is a loving thing to do, for sure!

What is loving? How do people show love God’s love today? Dear Lord, gracious God, help me pray for my friends and acquaintances when it is needed. Lord, thanks for the blessings You give to us each day. You are so generous to each of us, one day at a time. Each day, each night. Thank You for Your wonderful example. Help me—help us to let others know we are Your followers.


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