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PEACE: Friendship and Love

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, April 7, 2016


PEACE: Friendship and Love

I’m coming to an end of another section of young people from St. Viator’s High School in Arlington Heights. Fascinating, energizing opportunity to talk with many young people and ask their personal viewpoints on PEACE.

Megan’s personal definition: “PEACE is international friendship.” 🙂

That was awesome. I wanted to know more. Megan replied, “International friendship to me is friendship over social media, over international borders. I feel the connection!” I asked whether she had lots of international friends, and she nodded, excited!

Such a wonderful way to communicate—instantly! And, with people from all over the world, too. I had an international pen pal when I was in grade school, but it took a long time for those blue air mail envelopes to wing their way back and forth. Much better and simpler, now.

Ally’s personal definition: “PEACE is giving unending love ❤ to one other.”


I asked her for more about that definition. She said, readily, “Loving one another, no matter what the circumstances. Love is the most important thing—no matter what.”

Ally, that is not only a marvelous sentiment, it’s what our Lord Jesus said, too. He told His disciples in the Upper Room Discourse to “love one another.” That is one of the final commands we have from our Lord.

If more people could love one another—no matter what—then there would be a great deal more peace in the world today.

Dear Lord, gracious God, You have heard all of our prayers for PEACE. Hearken to our prayers. Help us to live out PEACEFUL ideas. Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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The Problem with Forgiveness?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – January 23, 2015

FORGIVE forgiveness a lovely idea

The Problem with Forgiveness?

The problem with forgiveness—is me.

Yes, this post contains more about forgiveness. Such a huge topic. Huge in God’s eyes, and a gaping hole in mine, too. Gaping in the sense that I sometimes find it so hard to do.

My, my. I am oh, so grateful for God’s forgiveness to me! I can sing God’s praises all day long for forgiveness, grace and mercy, abundantly poured out upon me. But the minute I am expected to extend just a little bit of that forgiveness towards some other person . . . especially towards someone I particularly dislike, or someone I just can’t forgive? Well, then. Forgiveness might be out of the question.

It reminds me of a story. A story that Rabbi Jesus told (check out Matthew 18:21-35).

Once there was a man, a servant of a powerful king. Somehow, he found himself in the position of owing the king a huge amount of money, more than the servant could ever pay back. The king had the servant dragged before him. The servant groveled and pleaded and threw himself on his face. The king relented, and forgave the servant his huge debt.

On his way home, the forgiven servant meets a fellow servant of the king. The second servant owes the forgiven servant a small amount of money. However—the forgiven servant forgets completely about the abundant forgiveness, grace and mercy the king extended to him. The forgiven servant has the second servant thrown into debtors’ prison, immediately.

When the king hears about this from the other servants, the king is outraged. Upbraids the forgiven servant, and tells him that the forgiveness is cancelled, and he is now going to prison until the huge debt is paid off. All because the formerly-forgiven servant forgot all about the incredible gift of forgiveness, grace and mercy he had been given by the king.

Wow. Right between the eyes, Jesus. Upside the head, with a two by four. I get it.

You want me to forgive. No matter what. That parable’s enough to make me throw myself on my face, in front of You, and stay there for a long, long time. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Lord.

Forgive me.

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