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PEACE is NO Fighting, NO Hatred

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, March 16, 2016


PEACE is NO Fighting, NO Hatred

Today, both personal definitions of PEACE involve fighting. Or rather, NOT fighting.

Another day to present two young people from St. Viator’s High School in Arlington Heights. Another day to see what kinds of amazing thoughts these high schoolers have.

Julia’s definition: “PEACE is no fighting/no hatred.” When I saw that, I thought it was pretty self-explanatory. However, just in case, I decided to ask for a further explanation. Julia said, “It’s unnecessary to fight to solve problems. I personally don’t like war and fighting.”


Grace’s definition: “PEACE is communicating calmly.” When asked for further information, Grace’s response was, “I think people ought to solve things reasonably. Try communicating!”

Both definitions lift up something important. Vital. Even, fundamental. I have seen so much fighting, violence, division, even scathing hatred. Isn’t this simple and straight-forward?

Dear Lord, how much more fundamental can a person get? No fighting. No hatred. Communicate calmly! Amen.


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