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Community Days, Community Prayers

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, November 4, 2016


(All in the family.)

Community Days, Community Prayers

A department store in the area has a promotion and an outreach, tied up in one. It’s a community days’ sale event, where not-for-profit organizations sell coupon books for a small amount of money, the store has a big sale for several days (coinciding with the approaching holidays), and everyone ends up happy. The store has lots of traffic, the not-for-profits get some donations and support, and the local economy keeps humming along.

So, I went to the store today to sell these booklets. (Yes. I did sell some.) I felt good about it. Surprisingly gratified, in fact. I was even complimented on my salesmanship. (I am not sure how genuine that compliment was, but regardless, I will accept any compliment gratefully.)

However, even though I was trying to sell these booklets, I couldn’t help but think of an older senior who is in the hospital. This dear one is recuperating from the procedure that brought this one to the hospital. My mind periodically shifted gears and thought about the hospitalized senior, loved ones, and the recuperation period ahead.

There are several other seniors in my acquaintance who need prayer. I remembered them earlier. In between times, I found myself wondering exactly what the several seniors were doing. How they were occupied, and whether they were doing okay?

Lord, I know I have specific people in mind. And, so often You bring them to mind. I have figured out over the years that You really want me to pray for these dear ones—and their loved ones and families.  I try to listen and do what You remind me to do. Pray for me. Pray for others. Pray for my little church, as well as my diverse community.

Community days? Community prayers, indeed.


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