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Be Quiet! In Prayer, Of Course!

matterofprayer blog post for Monday, June 16, 2014

PRAY God can hear you

Be Quiet! In Prayer, Of Course!

It’s difficult for me to quiet the roar of my external life. To quiet it enough to settle down and pray. It is even more difficult for me to tone down the internal roar. Or should I say noise? Busy-ness? My internal, everlasting dialogue keeps on nattering, commenting. Saying whatever it wants, whatever it feels like, and not necessarily at all times in a politically correct manner.

An online friend of mine, Rich Lewis, wrote a recent blog post about centering prayer. He has been practicing centering prayer for a number of weeks now. I wish I could just slip into centering prayer—that way of contemplative prayer that is so deceptively simple it defies flowery description. Such a challenging way of prayer for me, too.

I thrive on words! Benedictine rumination (praying on a brief phrase or sentence of Scripture) is my current favorite method of prayer. This uses words (!!) yet at the same time, my mind is allowed to run free, and make connections on its own. This is a wonderful way of prayer, but I find myself wanting something else. Something different. Something more.

Several years ago,I prayed through a short book of prayer methodology and exercises by Tilden Edwards. The methods of prayer that were most challenging to me involved centering prayer. Even wordless prayer. I get the feeling that I am ready for that challenge again. Especially after reading my friend Rich’s blog post. I quote the last lines: “I sit in silence so God can refresh me. I sit in silence so God’s love can fill me. I sit in silence so I will take God’s action into my non-silent parts of the day.”

Wow. I’ll say that again. Wow!! God, I need that kind of refreshing, that kind of filling. Thanks for the impetus, Rich! (I almost said “thanks for the kick in the rear,” but that wouldn’t be very chaplainly or pastorly, would it?)

Let’s pray. Dear God, thank You for Your urging us to come into Your presence. We can come any time, any where. For any reason, too. Help me as I try to come to You in prayer more regularly. As I try to pray more intentionally, using centering prayer, be with me in this effort. Thank You for Your blessings, poured out on my friend Rich. Bless me in a similar way, as I strive to be faithful. As I strive to take those thoughts, words and actions pleasing to You into the rest of my days. In Your mercy and grace we pray, amen.

Rich Lewis’ blog link is: http://richlewis3.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/why-do-i-sit-in-silence/


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