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PEACE is Calm, Integrity, and Commitment

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, March 7, 2016


PEACE is Calm, Integrity, and Commitment

As I ask people for their personal definition of PEACE, I am intrigued by the definitions I find unexpected. And, I am impressed by the people who immediately know what their definition is going to be.

Today’s definition falls into the latter category. The name of the person I talked to? Gloria Ludwig. Her personal definition of PEACE is calm, integrity and commitment.

Gloria attends the monthly Des Plaines Ministerial Association meetings. She also serves as City Clerk for the City of Des Plaines. She was happy to give me her point of view when I asked her about her definition of PEACE.

Gloria is a member of the town’s administration; I can tell that Gloria embodies the descriptive words she gave as part of her definition of PEACE. She is calm—she does not seem to get her feathers ruffled easily. She certainly has integrity! I can tell she is even-handed and fair. And, she has commitment…easily seen by all because of her hard work and diligent efforts.

She puts forth her best efforts, too! For instance, this past weekend, she participated in a Peace Pole project in Des Plaines. Apache Park (in the southeast corner of Des Plaines, a part of the Park District) is installing several Peace Poles. Gloria made an artistic addition to one of the poles. She is quite pleased to be participating in the Peace Pole project, and hopes it will continue the conversation of PEACE, harmony, and hope.

Gracious God, thank You for nurturing and peaceful opportunities like the Peace Poles in Apache Park. Thank You for kind, loving people like Gloria. May we all be encouraged to strive for peace, harmony and hope.


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