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PEACE is Harmony—Pass It On!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, April15, 2016


PEACE is Harmony—Pass It On!

Today was Friday, April 15. Today was the day of the Peace Breakfast for the Chicago suburbs of Morton Grove and Niles.

Fifteen people attended this breakfast, which was primarily an opportunity for fellowship and conversation among the diverse religious leaders and local government representatives from both communities. This whole area is so culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse that I initiated a Peace Breakfast to bring people together. And, continue the conversation about peace and harmony.

I consider it so fitting that I highlight another personal definition of PEACE from the Muslim Community Center in Morton Grove today. (Thank you, Dilnaz, for your kind invitation to come and talk with people at the MCC!)

Sabah Khan’s personal definition: “PEACE is harmony—which I can pass on to the rest of the humanity. (one at a time, to each individual)”  

Sabah’s definition is so much a part of what I was striving to do today with the Peace Breakfast. As Sabah wrote this down, almost two weeks ago, I had no idea this definition would come up today.

What a wonderful reminder for me—for all of us—that PEACE does start with me. And with you. With each one of us, passing peace, harmony and friendship one at a time, to each individual. When someone trips or falls, offer them a hand up. If some stranger on the street needs a break, why not consider extending your hand?

Gracious, merciful God, open my eyes and let me see opportunities to promote peace and harmony. Help me—help all of us—to pass it on. In Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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(Thanks to everyone at the Muslim Community Center in Morton Grove, for making this week of personal definitions of PEACE possible.)