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George Fox’s View of Simplicity

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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George Fox’s View of Simplicity

The Society of Friends is an example to me of great simplicity. George Fox founded that Society (also known as the Quakers), and the reading for today was a small selection of passages from Fox’s Journal.

His Journal is an experiential memoir and a spiritual and religious recounting of his travels (and travails). Amazing recounting at times, including a situation where Fox healed a woman: “I was moved to speak to her, and in the name of the Lord bid her to be quiet; and she was so. The Lord’s power settled her mind, and she mended.” [1]

This is Pentecostal power, indeed. Not often seen nowadays, here in the United States. However, I fully believe that God could manifest healing power in that way (if God chose).

Yes, this Journal has many instances of personal communication of our Lord Jesus with George Fox, without benefit of an intermediary. This cemented the opportunity of personal interaction with God even more thoroughly in George Fox’s mind. He preached that opportunity, and was repeatedly thrown into prison.

However, I am equally impressed by Fox raising up the statement of heavenly power through healings: “Many great and wonderful things were wrought by the heavenly power in those days; for the Lord made bare His omnipotent arm, and manifested His power, to the astonishment of many, by the healing virtue whereby many have been delivered from great infirmities.” [2]

There is an older meeting house in my town, a suburb of Chicago. (One of the original buildings here! A lovely, mostly wooden structure.) Yes, I have worshiped there with the other Friends, and yes, I would do it again, like a shot. Marvelous place of worship. Wonderful powerhouse of prayer. Incredible legacy, started by Fox in England, carried across the Atlantic, and brought to the Midwest more than two centuries ago. I hope that peace and peaceable-ness may increase. Lord, may it be so!



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