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Solitude, Silence, and Paul Tournier

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Solitude, Silence, and Paul Tournier

Have I mentioned before about how fascinating this collection of writings was? This excerpt, especially so. Dr. Paul Tournier was a doctor, psychoanalyst, and intensely spiritual man, who lived and worked in Geneva, Switzerland. He was interviewed in 1984, and his remarks were truly exceptional, simple, and profound.

I sense that Dr. Tournier was an intensely private person. (Yes, I did read one of his books, years ago, but I can’t remember for the life of me which one it was.) His responses were personal. I can tell that he was making himself available for all of us younger believers in God.

For example, the interviewer asked him to define silence. His answer: “For me, above all it is a waiting. I wait for God to stimulate my thoughts sufficiently to renew me, to make me creative instead of being what St. Paul calls ‘a tinkling cymbal.’” [1]

I see Dr. Tournier (in my mind’s eye) as sitting quietly, calmly, unflappable. I am not sure whether that is correct, but that is what I sense: “Under psychoanalysis, there is a moment when the subject feels silence weighing on him terribly. He longs for the doctor to say something to him. Silence has the power to force you to dig deep inside yourself.” [2]

Regularly, every day, Dr. Tournier meditated and prayed. That is impressive, no matter who accomplishes it. Thank you, doctor, for your understanding, for your patience, and for your silence. Truly, a gift.



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[1] Spiritual Classics, edited by Richard J. Foster and Emilie Griffin. (San Francisco, California: HarperSanFrancisco, 2000), 161.


[2] Ibid.

Pursue PEACE – PEACE is Quiet

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, February 13, 2016


Pursue PEACE – PEACE is Quiet

Quiet. Shh!

One definition for peace certainly can be quiet. Calm, serenity, peace. Yes, quiet.

This was the definition Celeste Magers gave to me, several days ago. Peace is quiet.

Many people pray and meditate as a regular part of their day. Celeste is a practitioner of meditation. This is what she says about how meditation informs her practice of quiet, which is foundational to quiet in her life.

“I’ve been meditating for over 30 years, and the style of meditation I use encourages inner quiet. If thoughts show up, I try not to latch onto them and run with them. I let thoughts flow on by – like light fluffy clouds in a clear blue sky. If I’m successful, after a while, the thoughts quiet down and stop intruding. And then I feel as if I’m immersed in a sea of peace and love. And the same is true of my emotions. When they are not in an uproar, when they are quiet, then I experience peace emotionally, too. So peace means quiet to me. I access peace through quiet.”

Celeste, what a wonderful explanation of how peace and quiet are so closely intermingled in your life, as well as in your practice of meditation.

As you and I come before our God, we can thank God we have the opportunity to calm our hearts as well as our bodies. I can feel the peace and quietude tiptoe into my emotions, my intellect, and my physical being—as well as into my spiritual self. Thank You, God, for such a soothing, calming experience. Gently breathing in—breathing out. Feeling my heart rate decrease, my thoughts become more serene. Thank You, God.
(Celeste Magers is a lecturer in meditation, healthful living, nutrition, and holds a laughter yoga certification. She is always ready to share about the power of laughter in healing and ministry.)


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Focus, Center on Potter. And Pray!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, September 21, 2015

POTTER You are the Potter

Focus, Center on Potter. And Pray!

Wow. I mean, really wow. (That was different!)

The Name of God I chose was taken from the Book of Isaiah. My word—Name of God for today is Potter.

I especially gravitated toward this Name to use with Centering Prayer, since the idea of God as Potter has been meaningful to me for a number of years. Yet, once I started praying and meditating, I immediately began to pray for several people. And, I mean strong and deep intercessory prayer. For one person, primarily, although also for two others, as well.

Instead of resting in God, and resting in the Name I had chosen, I found myself praying for these dear ones.

I guess the intercession was important. I hadn’t realized how important it was until I started to contemplate God as Potter. God molding, shaping, with infinite skill and craftsmanship. It was then that I thought of these three dear ones. That was the first time in all of these days since October started that I felt strongly called to intercession during my time of Centering Prayer.

After I began to pray for these people, I thought I may as well pray for myself. So, I began to ask God to shape me, mold me after God’s will. Do with me as God wills. Take away my bondage to self, and allow God to work through me, in me. Use my hands, my feet, my lips and tongue, my fingers on the keyboard, the wheels on my car.

Yes, I realize this is not quite the quiet, focused Centering Prayer I strive for. I really try to be more meditative and less wordy. (Lord, You know how much of a challenge this is for me!!) However, this was the kind of prayer I ended up having today, for the time I set aside with God.

Thanks, God, for the worthwhile prayer time we had together. I know it wasn’t what I had originally planned, but that’s okay. That’s more than okay. It was the prayer time that I was led to, and there was some free and clear communication from me to You. Thank You! I am so happy it worked out like it did. Amen, Lord.


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Center on “In the Beginning, God”

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, September 11, 2015

GOD in the beginning, God - grey

Center on “In the Beginning, God”

Let’s start at the very beginning—a very good place to start. The first chapter of Genesis. The first verse. “In the beginning, God—“

I’m choosing a Name of God found in the Bible, my word of the day. My Name of God for today is God. Elohim, one of the Hebrew words for God or Lord.

I departed from my usual habit of simply meditating and centering in prayer of that Name of God, and looking up the verse afterwards. No, I was curious as to exactly what was going on with this Name of God. So, I checked out several different translations of Genesis 1:1, as well as several different commentaries.

Specifically trying not to get too much information in my head, I earnestly tried to limit my reading to only the first verse in Genesis 1. And, even that might be construed as too much. (For Centering Prayer, anyway.) I refreshed my memory concerning this Hebrew word. A noun in the plural, I had forgotten that Elohim/God takes singular verbs. (Such as “my God IS” instead of “my Gods ARE.”)

Again, I tried not to get too hung up on the words. I was able to mostly pray and meditate on the Person and Name of God, as found in Genesis 1. Yes, in my mind I saw a windswept plain, huge in size, shape and loneliness. Elohim was over the earth, and created—brought form into the planet.

Suddenly, Aslan the Lion sprang into my mind, singing Narnia into being. (A narrative representation of the beginning of Genesis, thanks to C.S. Lewis and his book The Magician’s Nephew.) I liked this image! (This is one of my favorite books in the Chronicles of Narnia, too!)

I felt comforted, held by loving hands (paws?) as I watched everything being created. I knew it might be difficult thing for others, though. However, this centering prayer time was set aside for me. For my personal use and encouragement.

Thank You, God! Thanks for this wonderful source of encouragement and strength.


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