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PEACE: Follow Your Dreams

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, March 28, 2016


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PEACE: Follow Your Dreams

Another installment of my Pursuing PEACE Project. I include another personal definition of PEACE.  (Thanks, Oakton Community College, for allowing me to come in to the space next to the cafeteria and set up a table. Thanks, members of the Oakton Christian Fellowship, for providing a welcome, too.)

This definition is out of the ordinary. Yes, it started out similarly to several I have heard in the past. However, it quickly became quite a fascinating definition. Mahrukh’s definition: “PEACE is to follow your Dreams and pursue the eternal mind of Peace and Karma.”

I understand a simple, basic definition of Karma; however I could tell Mahrukh had a deep and abiding understanding of Karma. So, I asked her to give me a fuller description of her personal definition of PEACE.

According to Mahrukh, “whatever your dream is, just make it happen. It’s your mind, your heart—always follow your heart. Pursue eternal mind. Whatever you are thinking of life, always be positive.” When I asked her to describe what she meant by Karma, she said, “Always want things that are positive. Karmic connections are whatever and whenever you do good to someone. The good you do will always follow you.”

Mahrukh is so right. Having a positive attitude and outlook is so beneficial. I have seen sourpusses, people who are simply down in the dumps all the time. What I call Eeyores. It always seems to rain on them. Things always seem to break or go wrong. However, if a person is expecting bad and negative things to happen, chances are, they will!

If I have a positive, encouraging outlook on life, things look brighter. Having few expectations and holding no resentments help me to stay positive. God willing, I will be able to stay that way.

Dear Lord, gracious God, thank You for Your encouraging words to us. Guide me—guide us all in the way of peace, encouragement and love. Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


(Reminder: I will be posting more from the young people at St. Viator’s High School next week, after Easter. Have a great Spring Break and a joyful Easter celebration!)

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