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An Interview for Peace, and More

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, September 22, 2016


An Interview for Peace, and More

This afternoon, I had an interview. I was talking with several guys in a radio station control room. (WCGO-AM in Evanston.)

We all had earphones on, and were talking into large microphones. (All of that seemed a bit odd at first, but I got used to it.) The funny thing about this experience? It was just a conversation between me and two other guys.

The topic of the conversation was pointed towards peace, however. Yes, we went several other places, but that was the starting and the ending point of my interview. Peace. Yes, I did mention the Interfaith Gathering for Peace I had at St. Luke’s Church last night. (Just briefly.) However, I concentrated more on what is coming up this weekend.

I almost feel like a broken record, since I have talked about this and encouraged people to attend this for some weeks now. The Morton Grove Interfaith Walk for Peace. In such a diverse and multi-cultural community as Morton Grove, this walk lifts up our diversity and is a way to express friendship and fellowship towards one another. Plus, we will try to learn more about each other by walking together. Visiting different houses of worship, faith and culture.

An interview for peace. Actually, for peace’s sake. Let us all pursue peace. #PursuePEACE. God willing, we all can try, one kind word at a time. One act of service at a time. One friendly smile at a time.


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