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Day #33 – How to Scrap the Schedule

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, March 27, 2015

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Day #33 – How to Scrap the Schedule

I saw today’s suggestion, and I immediately knew what I was going to write about. In fact, two situations popped into my head.

The first is a recent visit I made to a shut-in. I cleared my schedule for most of the day, and went on a visit. This shut-in and I talked together for quite some time. I opened my ears and listened, and I offered my friendship. In the same way as I offer my smile and friendly conversation to many people, I realized I gave my time, freely.

This hadn’t even crossed my mind, before. I hadn’t thought about this, not until I read today’s post from #40acts. Wendy talked about giving the gift of time, and being generous with the schedule. I did this, too. Just recently. Some days I can’t. I have so much going on at my work. But on this particular day, I did. And this dear person appreciated my visit.

The second situation was with my daughter, recently. I know, my family is so important! However, in certain cases, the family gets short shrift. Again, I know I ought to make time for my family. My loved ones. Yet—do I go out of my way to make the time?

My college-age, youngest daughter and I randomly took off, several weekends ago. Just drove in the car for a ways, and stopped for coffee (for me, tea for her). Stopped at a store we found interesting, and talked as we drove. I know these times are becoming few and far in between. Bittersweet.

Yet, if I don’t take the initiative to scrap my schedule on occasion, I know I will look back with sadness. Wistfulness. Downright regret. Plus, being generous with my time makes people happy!

God, help me to scrap my schedule more often. Please. Thank You!


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A Time for Everything? Including Prayer.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – January 6, 2015

all things made beautiful Eccl 3-11

A Time for Everything? Including Prayer.


Out of time, wasting time, on a time schedule. We can talk about taking or making more time with a time machine, a time turner, even traveling in a Delorean or a TARDIS.

Ecclesiasties 3 calls all these kinds of times beautiful—“in Your time.”

People make time and schedule time for other, important things: like a class at school, or a doctor’s appointment, work meeting, or exercise group. Movie date, social club, or dinner engagement. Things that are important to them.

I make time for friendships, for my family, for my marriage. If my relationship with God is as important as I say/think/tell myself it is, why not make time for God?

I need to commit time to God. Make time for prayer.

If I am truthful to myself, all the time I have is really God’s time. I am living on—not borrowed, but—freely given time. Time is a gift given to me. What I do with it, how I spend it, even how I waste it is all my doing. Oh, and the people I am responsible to.

One more thing: concerning those with whom I am in relationship? I not only can have meaningful times with my family and friends, but also with God.

God, I know I’m sometimes far from You. I often miss our times together. Sometimes I don’t think I have any time to pray. But You’re always there for me, even when my time is taken up with other things. You don’t leave me by myself. Thank you, God.


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Teeter Totter and—Be Quiet. Be Prayerful.

matterofprayer blog post for Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Teeter Totter and—Be Quiet. Be Prayerful.

My life has been full lately. More often than not, I’ve felt like I’ve had to hurry up and do the next thing on the schedule.

At my work, my co-worker transitioned out of his position as interim co-pastor over the past several weeks. So, he and I have been going over the transitional tasks, hoping to make the passing of the baton as smooth as possible. The first Sunday of the month was his last Sunday with this church. We had a wonderful celebration of his interim ministry. He is now transitioning into a new position with his denomination, and I wish him the very best! Still—a big change, and lots to do, to take care of, and make sure it all gets done in a timely fashion.

In several other areas of my life, as well, things have been hopping! On top of everything else, my son’s cold two weeks ago and my subsequent cold last week (I caught it from my son . . . he shared!) added to the distraction and upset. I felt like I was on a big teeter totter, like I remember from the park near my house as a child.

Huge teeter totters made of metal, welded to a sturdy metal pipe structure in the center. The seats were wooden, painted gaily in bright colors. I liked going on the teeter totters well enough, but I did not enjoy being held up in the “up” position for a long time. Sometimes two of the other children would sit on the other end together, and there would be nothing I could do about it except holler and yell and wiggle my legs. (Much to the amusement of the others in the playground, I am sure.) And then, down-down-down, boom! Crash, on the ground! I’d finally get back to earth, with solid ground under my feet.

My transition time hasn’t been quite that traumatic—with booms and crashes—but it has been a time of adjustment. I have felt a little like I was up in the air on a teeter totter, even though my colleague Gordon was and is wonderful. He is older and wiser, and has transitioned in and out of quite a number of positions. He’s an old hand at this, and he couldn’t have been more supportive.

But still, there was that teeter totter feeling. Sometimes.

Good thing I have my prayer time! I was able to get quiet, calm myself, be present to God and have God be present with me. I love being able to focus on God’s compassion and openness, as well as the abundant care and encouragement that comes from being in the presence of the Divine, the Holy, the Lover of my soul. Thanks be to God!

Let’s pray. Dear Lord, Gracious God, thank You for Your special presence with me these past few weeks. I praise Your name for Gordon, such a wonderful colleague! Please bless him in his future ministry. But God, there is still that teeter totter feeling! I still can feel it inside. Please, God, give me—give us the assurance that You will be with us even though we are unsure whether there is solid earth or quicksand under our feet. Whether our co-workers are great people or not-so-great people, I know without a doubt You are here, right by my side. Right by our sides. What a blessing. Thank You, God!


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