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Have I Stopped Listening, God?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, November 9, 2015

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Have I Stopped Listening, God?

So many people giving advice. Too few people listening to that same advice.

Do you hear me? Have you stopped listening? Is there something in the way of your ears? Or, is it something in the way of my heart?

Some people are just too stubborn to listen. Or, too proud. Or, too busy. Some people are much more selective in their hearing, not choosing to hear good advice. Or prudent suggestions. Am I one of those? Are you?

Let’s take this selective hearing thing one step further, and consider it through the lens of recovery.

Very often, people who are actively drinking or using have selective hearing. They are unable to hear their bosses, their family members, their spouses or parents or children when they say, “Stop drinking, please! Stop using drugs, please! We love you! We care about you!” Even though faced with sensible reasons and love and kindness, that selective hearing thing takes hold. It gets its claws into so, so many people!

But once people get into recovery and the haze of drinking and using starts to disappear, what a change can happen! People open their ears and have the opportunity of listening. Hearing words of caring, compassion, and wisdom at meetings; from their sponsors, and from other people in recovery. Words of experience, strength and hope.

Thank God this is a possibility! Now, I need to ask myself, “Are my ears open to advice and words of wisdom? Have I stopped listening, God?”

Good question. I appreciate Your assistance, God! Thanks for helping me reflect and respond. Thanks, God.


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