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PEACE: Different Peace/Different Situations

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, March 3, 2016


PEACE: Different Peace/Different Situations

Earlier this week, I visited the senior group at St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Morton Grove to speak to them about PEACE. I talked about the growing feeling of division, conflict and animosity in this country, in several significant ways. And, I gave a few ideas on how to lessen that negative feeling. How to express kindness, respect, love, and peace, as much as we can.

I also gave them some background on my Pursuing PEACE Project, and asked if any of the seniors would be willing to give me their personal definition of PEACE. Several of them were more than happy to give me their points of view.

One senior did not waste any time. He came up to me as soon as my talk was over and engaged me in conversation. He had a different kind of definition! Joe Sebastian’s definition of PEACE: different kinds of peace in different situations.

“Peace is like a chameleon. There are different kinds of peace depending on the different types of situations. Peace is a relative term to me. I guess it is to live in harmony and accommodation.”

Joe has a unique point of view, since he was born half a world away. I need to listen especially closely to him. I so value his contribution to this continuing conversation on PEACE!

Just so, Joe uses a fascinating comparison and word picture: “Peace is like a chameleon.” I never would have thought of that, not in a hundred years. Yet, when he said that, followed by saying that different kinds of situations merit different kinds of peace, I understood immediately what he meant. “Chameleon.” Changeable! Adaptable! Matching its skin and appearance to its surroundings. What a superb comparison. Thank you so much, Joe.

Dear Lord, I appreciate Joe’s definition. I appreciate Joe’s point of view. Thank You for bringing Joe to the meeting this week. Dear God, I pray for Joe and the other seniors. I pray for their Lenten journey to the cross. Dear Lord, be with them just as much as You are with me.


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