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A Prayer for Peace

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, October 12, 2015

Peace I leave with you Shalom

A Prayer for Peace

Peace seems fleeting, especially given the recent events in Oregon, and Turkey, and so many other places in the world. (“Hot spots” is one euphemism, sadly enough.)

Soren Kierkegaard wrote the prayer I’ve chosen for today. Prolific author and deep thinker, he wrote on many subjects. Including writing, talking and thinking about religion, spirituality, and Christianity in particular.

Why this particular prayer?. The prayer I chose for today from The Oxford Book of Prayer concerns “Thy Kingdom Come” (Prayer 230, pages 79) [1] The prayer is about Peace.

Peace! How fleeting, how sad. How society yearns for peace, as well as individuals within society. Yet, peace needs to start with the individual, with me. Lord, if You would “calm the waves of this heart, calm its tempests.”

Kierkegaard has penetrating insight, speaking to us from more than 150 years ago. “Yes, Father in heaven, often have we found that the world cannot give us peace.” O Lord, how true!

Lord, is the pursuit of peace such a fruitless task? Our writer seems not to think so. “Let us know the truth of Thy promise.” Lord, You promise us peace. Peace that passes all understanding. Peace that comes in all colors, all sizes, fits all situations. God wants us to choose peace! The dear Lord is holding it out to us.

Dear God, help me to choose the way of peace. Help me to find that elusive peace, hidden deep within conflict, disagreement, even war. Thank You that “the whole world may not be able to take away Thy peace.”


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[1] The Oxford Book of Prayer, edited by George Appleton. (New York: Oxford University Press, reissued 2009), 79.