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Fire of the Spirit, Hear Us

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Holy Spirit descending dove

Fire of the Spirit, Hear Us

Do you have allergies? I do, unfortunately. Allergic to several different kinds of molds. So, autumn is not one of the best times for me. Sneezes, snuffles, eyes stream, tickle in the back of the throat. And, yes, I do have a roundabout way that this ties in to the topic for today.

The topic of today’s prayer is Gifts of the Spirit. is The prayer I chose for today from The Oxford Book of Prayer concerns “For Thine is the Kingdom.” (Prayer 508, page 131) [1] As I read this prayer from the pen of St. Hildegard of Bingen, I cannot help but feel badly. When most people consider the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s gifting, they get excited. (Can’t help it!)

Sadly, I am not up to it. A mild sinus headache is making me miserable, and it all stems from my fall allergies. (Sorry, Lord.) Besides, the air pressure outside is particularly low. It will be raining for about 24 hours, and boy, can I tell.

I suspect Hildegard had problems, too. If not exactly like mine, at least similar. (Perhaps she even might have had allergies.) Anyway, here’s the prayer:

“Fire of the Spirit, life of the lives of creatures,/ spiral of sanctity, bond of all natures,/glow of charity, lights of clarity, taste/of sweetness to sinners, be with us and hear us./Composer of all things, light of all the risen,/ key of salvation, release from the dark prison,/hope of all unions, scope of chastities, joy/in the glory, strong honour, be with us and hear us.”

Dear Holy Spirit, I read that we are supposed to be celebrating and being joy-filled. Yet, even the mention of Your Fire cannot help me to excuse myself. Please change my insides. Please, Lord, heal me. Restore me. Change me.


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[1] The Oxford Book of Prayer, edited by George Appleton. (New York: Oxford University Press, reissued 2009), 131.