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Praying in Contagious Peace

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Praying in Contagious Peace

Finding a place and space of calm and contentment? It can be challenging, even difficult. Yet, I am striving to do this during my time of prayer. A worthwhile challenge, indeed!

Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist monk, serves as my guide for this month. His slim volume called “How to Sit” will be my guide book.

Today’s short reading was that peace is contagious. No matter what, if I pay attention to my breath, that is. I must insist and make this post about peace, and calm, and quiet—just as much as I try to make my prayer time a time of contagious peace.

As I sat and prayed, I sat still and calmed my breathing; that is, I tried my very best to stay quiet and center my mind on peace.

God willing, we all will strive for peace.



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PEACE is Community

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, February 14, 2016


PEACE is Community

As I ask people for their personal definition of PEACE, I am intrigued by the ones who have to think hard about the decision. Sometimes, taking a good deal of time for the answer. And, I am equally impressed by the ones who immediately know what their definition is going to be.

Today’s definition falls into the latter category. The name of the person I talked to? Karen Hohl. Her personal definition of peace: PEACE is Community.

Fascinating definition! I never, ever thought of that word before. A breath of fresh air.

When I asked Karen for a sentence or two of explanation about her choice of definition, She was quick on the draw with the following words and thoughts. “When I think of Peace I think of community. [To me] means sharing with others, caring about others, understanding and respecting our individuality and uniqueness, similarities and differences. All are essential to building and nurturing a healthy peace as comm-unity.”

Such a wonderful way to think of community. According to Karen, sharing, caring, understanding and respecting are all hallmarks of a peace-filled community. Another way of saying it, I think, is a community that actively strives for peace.

Karen is one of the conveners of the Des Plaines Ministerial Alliance, and an instrumental part of the DPMA. I have heard—a number of times—that Karen is a marvel at lifting up the work and ministries of the different houses of worship and nonprofit organizations that make up the DPMA. She is a minister at large at the moment, and is looking for a good fit for employment. Her skills for detail and office management, and gifts of compassion, encouragement, love, and organization make her a marvelous addition to any ministry or nonprofit organization.

We can pray that Karen finds a community that appreciates her many skills and gifts. Dear Lord, thank You for Karen and her love for the community, both local and more wide-reaching. Please support and encourage her heart as she continues to look for a good fit, in terms of employment. God, bless her richly today. Amen!


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