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Adolfo Quezada, Confession and Compassion

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Adolfo Quezada, Confession and Compassion

Adolfo Quezada is a licensed professional counselor in California. He has published several books, and is a loving, caring, supportive counselor. He specializes particularly in depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. He also leads prayer retreats.

As I alluded to in the title of this post, Quezada is all for letting go of what happened in people’s individual lives. There is the negative side: things people have said, done or thought. Quezada recommends: “Make restitution as best you can in ways that bring healing and restore harmony to your life and lives of those you have hurt.” [1]

I read Quezada’s profound statement, “When you accept God’s love, you also accept God’s forgiveness.” [2] This is truly life-changing, for some people. People who feel that whatever they might have done was so terribly awful that God would never forgive them, and—guess what? God really will forgive us. Even more so than flawed parents who sometimes interfere with their children and even reject them, God will never, ever reject us.

Then, I noticed this gut-wrenching statement: “Reconsider your expectations. Examine the demands you make on yourself. Are they realistic? What do you base them on?” [3] Ah, so painful. So much pain in these few words. God will help us all with those faulty, unrealistic expectations. We all can gain access to God’s immeasurable, bountiful love and mercy.

I can—we all can—experience God’s love. Generous and unconditional. Do you feel unworthy? Or, perhaps, disgruntled at someone, so you have something blocking you from God’s love? Nevertheless, God loves you. Abundantly, immeasurably, marvelously, God’s love lasts forever. Amazing love and grace and mercy.  Alleluia.


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[2] Ibid, 247.

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In Between Day, In Between Prayers

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, October 13, 2016


In Between Day, In Between Prayers

This was my in between day. I had lots to do earlier in the week and lots to do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, I took some time for myself today. Yoga, and shopping (for food), and a meeting with a friend. A function at my daughter’s school in the evening. Plus, the usual email and computer stuff that I ordinarily do, but that happens pretty much any day. Every day. No matter what.

Except, I was preoccupied.

I suppose I ought to have prayed more. Even though I try to write this blog on a regular basis, even though I try to pray on a regular basis, I still feel so inadequate. So much less-than. There is some personal stuff that is going on in my personal life, and I need to pray my way through.

That was most of what was preoccupying my thoughts today.

And, thanks to anyone who sends any prayers to God for the dear concern on my mind today.

Dear God, thanks for interpreting my thoughts, even when they are all muddled and incoherent. I am so glad and relieved You listen to my deep concern. Calm my uneasy heart. Still my wayward soul. Help me to breathe more deeply, and focus my mind on necessary things. Kind things. Things that will be helpful, supportive, and encouraging. Thank You, God. In Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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In Which I Pray for a Friend

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, July 25, 2016

PRAY I always hug them with my prayers

In Which I Pray for a Friend

Here I am, at the New Wilmington Mission Conference, which is totally awesome! Such a wonderful gathering of people interested in mission and outreach. Not only from all over the country, but from all over the world.

Yet, I am also far away from a good friend who will be having a medical procedure tomorrow.

I have heard heart-warming (and sometimes heart-breaking) stories about individuals in far-flung places this week, as well as churches just planted, churches in difficulty, and some churches under opposition. Also, I heard great hopefulness about believers having great joy despite trials and poverty, conflict and being refugees.

So much sadness mingled with joy. Yet, I have concern in my heart about my friend. Far away.

I can’t be there. Yes, I can pray. (And I have already, and will continue to pray.) But, I would like to be there for the family. I know how it helps to have encouraging and supportive friends nearby. Able to run errands, and visit in the hospital or care center. Sometimes just to sit and keep loved ones company, or pray, or be silent.

The concern in my heart is real. I want to ask God to be with my friend. Would you pray with me?

Dear Lord, gracious God, You are the great Physician. You know us from head to toe, every hair on our heads, and every cell in our bodies. Heavenly Healer, I pray for my dear friend right now. I pray for the medical procedure tomorrow, for the medical team attending, and for You to give abundant wisdom and understanding in this case. I pray for the hands of the staff to be caring and capable, and for the healing to come. Holy Spirit, I pray that You come alongside of all who love and care for my friend and the whole family. Support and encourage all of them in this challenging time—healing time. Thank You for loving and caring for all of us—especially my good friend. In the healing name of Jesus we pray, amen.


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Healed of Our Sufferings?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, November 22, 2015

suffering word cloud

Healed of Our Sufferings?

“We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it in full.” – Marcel Proust

When I look for healing and restoration of my sufferings, of my challenges, one of the last places I tend to look for others who will understand. Others who are acquainted with, and know my sufferings and challenges, first hand.

Sometimes, people are healed of the terrible experiences they have had by telling their stories. Oftentimes, people need the nurture and assistance of others who have had similar experiences.

Instead of internalizing my sufferings and challenges—in a negative manner—I can share them in a safe place. And, I can offer to listen to others sharing, in a similar safe place.

This is what telling my story is all about. This is me, remembering. This is me, being supportive, kind, and compassionate.

You or I may have had terrible relationships with other people, in the past. We may be trying to rebuild our relationship skills, even though we may still be thinking of loneliness and fearfulness. It is a fearful thing to be stuck in the past or in the future, stuck anywhere except the here and now.

I am encouraged by my friends and fellows to listen. Be supportive. Nurture, in safe places. I am encouraged by my Higher Power to concentrate on One Day at a Time. Today. Now.

Lord, in Your mercy, hear my earnest prayers.


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Teeter Totter and—Be Quiet. Be Prayerful.

matterofprayer blog post for Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PRAY believe hope

Teeter Totter and—Be Quiet. Be Prayerful.

My life has been full lately. More often than not, I’ve felt like I’ve had to hurry up and do the next thing on the schedule.

At my work, my co-worker transitioned out of his position as interim co-pastor over the past several weeks. So, he and I have been going over the transitional tasks, hoping to make the passing of the baton as smooth as possible. The first Sunday of the month was his last Sunday with this church. We had a wonderful celebration of his interim ministry. He is now transitioning into a new position with his denomination, and I wish him the very best! Still—a big change, and lots to do, to take care of, and make sure it all gets done in a timely fashion.

In several other areas of my life, as well, things have been hopping! On top of everything else, my son’s cold two weeks ago and my subsequent cold last week (I caught it from my son . . . he shared!) added to the distraction and upset. I felt like I was on a big teeter totter, like I remember from the park near my house as a child.

Huge teeter totters made of metal, welded to a sturdy metal pipe structure in the center. The seats were wooden, painted gaily in bright colors. I liked going on the teeter totters well enough, but I did not enjoy being held up in the “up” position for a long time. Sometimes two of the other children would sit on the other end together, and there would be nothing I could do about it except holler and yell and wiggle my legs. (Much to the amusement of the others in the playground, I am sure.) And then, down-down-down, boom! Crash, on the ground! I’d finally get back to earth, with solid ground under my feet.

My transition time hasn’t been quite that traumatic—with booms and crashes—but it has been a time of adjustment. I have felt a little like I was up in the air on a teeter totter, even though my colleague Gordon was and is wonderful. He is older and wiser, and has transitioned in and out of quite a number of positions. He’s an old hand at this, and he couldn’t have been more supportive.

But still, there was that teeter totter feeling. Sometimes.

Good thing I have my prayer time! I was able to get quiet, calm myself, be present to God and have God be present with me. I love being able to focus on God’s compassion and openness, as well as the abundant care and encouragement that comes from being in the presence of the Divine, the Holy, the Lover of my soul. Thanks be to God!

Let’s pray. Dear Lord, Gracious God, thank You for Your special presence with me these past few weeks. I praise Your name for Gordon, such a wonderful colleague! Please bless him in his future ministry. But God, there is still that teeter totter feeling! I still can feel it inside. Please, God, give me—give us the assurance that You will be with us even though we are unsure whether there is solid earth or quicksand under our feet. Whether our co-workers are great people or not-so-great people, I know without a doubt You are here, right by my side. Right by our sides. What a blessing. Thank You, God!


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