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PEACE: Balance between Justice and Fairness

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, August 8, 2016

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PEACE: Balance between Justice and Fairness

Today, we take a serious look at peace. A serious personal definition.

Before we turn to that, let’s set the stage. Here we are in the Englewood neighborhood of the south side of Chicago. A mothers’ group called Mothers Against Senseless Killing (MASK) offers a free meal outreach called Give Them a Meal. Several people—including me—ride down to help out last week.

While there, I asked a number of people on that street corner for their personal definition of PEACE. This definition by one of the Mothers Against Senseless Killing struck me in a heartfelt way. Maria’s personal definition: “PEACE to me is a balance between justice and fairness for all groups in society.”

When I asked her to elaborate on this well-thought-out definition, at first she was hesitant. I encouraged her, and then the words started to flow. “There is a reason why we don’t have peace—especially in these [inner city] areas. Residents of these areas do not have access to opportunities in some ways. That is, in an even level as other groups.”

Maria strongly presented her excellent point. She talked about the limited access to education, decent jobs and housing, and low crime areas. That is, the limited access to opportunity, of all kinds. Little wonder why the cycle of violence perpetuates itself, over large parts of the city of Chicago. A cautionary definition of PEACE, certainly. Thank you so much, Maria.

Let us pray. Dear God who loves the cities, God who loves the residents of those same areas so torn by violence, and unsavory words and deeds. We thank You for Your everlasting love for humanity. We pray for the city of Chicago, and especially the Englewood neighborhood. Bring Your peace that passes understanding into unpeaceful hearts. We pray support and encouragement fill hearts that need Your serenity. In the powerful name of the Prince of Peace we pray, amen.


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