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Feeling My Feelings—In Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, May 22, 2015

God - whenever you feel unloved or insecure - Eph 2

Feeling My Feelings—In Prayer

I return to the wonderful book Inner Compass for today. I wanted to take a look at what Margaret Silf had to say about the Daily Examen of St. Ignatius. I found some interesting features of her version of the prayer.

Silf’s point of view comes from her awareness of moods and feelings that “appear to change unpredictably and often uncontrollably.”[1] To her way of thinking, underlying patterns of these moods and feelings serve as pathways, and show us how to relate to God. And, how each of our individual journeys with God is going.

Again, the steps of Silf’s process are similar to the steps of the Daily Examen, except more oriented towards feelings and moods. This examination or review can be positive or negative, depending on the sort of feeling touched upon. See how ‘touchy’ feelings are:

“Someone stepped on one of my cherished dreams, perhaps, or offended my pride, or bumped into some ‘furniture’ in my secret inner room. If that happened, where exactly was the sore spot located, and does it remind me of other times when the same sore spot has been touched on?” [2]

This kind of negative feeling can cause all kinds of internal hurt for me. Plus, that internal discomfort and sensitivity can push me to negative outward behaviors like anxiety, distrust, resentment, or even hatred.

As I get in touch with my changing moods and feelings, my internal landscape can serve as a helpful point of reference for my spiritual well-being. All to the good.

Dear God, thank You for differing points of view on this excellent prayer template given to us by St. Ignatius. Help me to follow this prayer regularly.


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