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On Taking the Joy with the Sorrow

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, November 11, 2015

JOY today I choose joy

On Taking the Joy with the Sorrow

I need to get used to living life on life’s terms. Yes, life comes my way, complete with joy and sorrow.

I can so relate to today’s reading from Keep It Simple, the reading that says so many people in recovery want the joy from life without getting any of the sorrow. In other words, all of the up sides of life, without any downs. But—what will happen if life is all sunshine and flowers?

“ … we can learn from hard times, maybe more than we do in easy times. Often, getting through hard times helps us grow.” [1]

Wow. I know that, first hand. I have been through some challenging, even difficult times. Even though I have always had a belief in God as my Higher Power, a belief in God as I understand God, my life has not always been a bed of roses. Sure, I have had hard times. (For several extended periods in my life, too.) But, God has been there.

There have been times when God seemed far away. Or ignoring me. Or powerless to help me. Those are the times when it was like God was behind a cloud. Or, hiding. Or, completely silent.

This reading lets me know that this may very well describe our “conscious contact” from Step Eleven. Yes, “as this constant contact grows, our courage grows. And, we find the strength to face hard times.” [2]

God willing, I will be able to depend on my Higher Power. I will find the strength to have faith in God, as I understand God.

Praise be to Your name, O Lord Jesus Christ.


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