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In Which I Pray for God’s Kingdom

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Matt 6-33 seek first the kingdom

In Which I Pray for God’s Kingdom

I’ve always wondered exactly what I’m praying for when I pray for God’s kingdom to come. (“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done”) I’ve been reading bible and theology books for several decades. I do have a bit clearer idea about God’s kingdom now, than I had years ago.

Priorities. I think a good piece of it concerns putting God first in my life. In my work, and my other activities. Of course, it’s not the whole of the meaning of God’s kingdom. Whole books and dissertations have been written on the meaning of that phrase, and considerable disagreement about various viewpoints, as well.

As for me, I would like my life to be a little less cluttered. I think a simpler life would help me to draw closer to God. Yes, work, family, activities and friends are important. Just not all-important. Not like seeking after God.

Dear Lord, this is important, isn’t it? If I put God first, everything else falls into place. Just like a jigsaw puzzle. Lord Jesus, You were right. If each of us seeks Your kingdom and righteousness first—and makes that of primary importance—then “all these things will be added to you.” That is, everything else in our lives gets sorted out. Not perfectly, but You never promised me that, did you? No matter what else is going on, I can seek You. Find You. Walk with You. Thanks.


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Advent-y Prayers? Not So Much.

matterofprayer blog post for Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advent candles star image

Advent-y Prayers? Not So Much.

I haven’t been feeling prayerful, hopeful and full of anticipation. I just haven’t.

I apologize ahead of time for a blog post that is a bit of a downer. It is just I am not feeling any anticipation for the coming of Christ, for that celebration of the birth of the Baby in Bethlehem.

Yes, I am doing all of the outward, Advent-y things. I am seeing that the Advent candles are lit on the Advent wreath at my church, each week. The hymns and readings for each Advent worship service are set. The church is getting ready for Christmas, what with decorations, the poinsettia orders, and the orders for worship and bulletins. Yes. I taught a midweek bible study on Isaiah 40:1-5, a wonderful Advent passage talking about the voice crying out in the wilderness. Prophecy talking about the coming of John the Baptist. My final question to the bible study was, how are we preparing the way of the Lord, today? What does that look like for us?

Great question, God. I know I told the seniors at the bible study yesterday that we can proclaim Christ’s coming in a variety of ways. Not only by preaching (like John the Baptist), but by showing Christ’s love—in actual, physical, concrete ways, like giving food to our local food pantry, Maine Township Food Pantry. Or, one of the bible study participants suggested by giving diapers to Bundled Blessings, a diaper pantry ministry in Evanston that our church prays for on a regular basis. Yes! A thousand times, yes! I also suggested giving to the Salvation Army kettles.

So, God, I am trying to act in a loving way. I know even if I do not feel hopeful or filled with anticipation, I can still act as if. And sooner or later, my insides will catch up with my outsides. And besides, You still call me to act in a loving, hopeful manner. Even when I don’t feel like it.

Let’s pray. Dear Lord, Gracious God, thank You for Your presence with me—with all of us. Renew the hopeful anticipation within each one of us. The hope given to us by that voice crying in the wilderness, telling each of us to prepare the way of the Lord—Your way, Lord. No matter how each of us is urged to communicate about You today, give each of us opportunities to do exactly that. Thank You for helping us to walk with You day by day, on that highway for our God. Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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