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Worthy are You, O God!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, August 1, 2015

From dailyoffice.org - photo from Compline

From dailyoffice.org – photo from Compline

Worthy are You, O God!

A new month, a new book for prayer. As July came to a close, I wondered which book I ought to choose for my August meditation and prayers. For those who are new to this blog, during each month of 2015 I have been using different, helpful books and different kinds of prayer for each month. However, as I contemplated August, I felt more and more strongly about using a website. True, it incorporates a prayer book for the twice-daily readings, but it is a website.

My friend Josh Thomas is the Vicar at www.dailyoffice.org. He founded that website in 2004, and it has been going (and growing) strong ever since. A lay Commissioned Evangelist with a national preaching license in the Episcopal Church, Josh does a marvelous job at keeping up that website, with all manner of artwork, photos, videos and explanatory notes. Oh, and he includes the Morning and Evening Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, too. Every day.

I found that website around 2009, when I was working overnight shifts as a chaplain here in Chicago. I found I could pray through the evening prayers Josh posted, center myself in just a few minutes, and then be ready to go—for whatever was needed. Could be a patient actively dying in ICU, a page from the Emergency Department, or a critical call from Labor and Delivery. (Those were just about the worst. Never a good emergency page from L & D.)

Josh and I have since become friends. Now, I am a pastor at a small church, and the website dailyoffice.org is continuing to stretch and grow. I found I wanted to revisit Evening Prayer again, in the month of August. I mentioned it to Josh earlier this week, and he was all for it. “Go for it,” or words to that effect, was what he said. So, I will! Gladly, and with excitement.

The words that struck home to me from Saturday’s Evening Prayer were “Lord, hear our prayer; And let our cry come to you.” Yes, I prayed alone. Yes, it was just me and the computer. However—I know a little bit about how many people use the dailyoffice.org website each day, or on a regular basis.

I also know these two short lines from the Prayer, “Lord, hear our prayer; And let our cry come to you” represent the Church. It’s me, in agreement with many, many other people. Throughout the United States, and throughout the English speaking world. I realize that I am praying here in my living room, in the Chicago suburbs. (And yes, it is hot tonight!) Others might be in the rural Dakotas, Kentucky or Texas. Or, internationally, in Lima, or Rio de Janeiro, or Yellowknife.

It ultimately does not matter. Each of us is a child of God. Complexion, national origin, ability or disability. Whether each of us comes to God as a daily habit or not. Dear God, thank You for the website dailyoffice.org. Strengthen and preserve Vicar Josh, and all connected with this site. Thank You for the miracles of the computer and the Internet, and bless us as we gather. Separately, as well as together.



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Praying Through the Negative—Admonition, That Is!

matterofprayer blog post for Monday, March 31, 2014

elephant and dog

Praying Through the Negative—Admonition, That Is!

A good deal has occurred since I last posted on this blog—a mere two weeks ago. But I have a new job now! A job that suddenly popped up, and I took it. For the curious among you readers, a two weeks ago I began serving at a church in the Chicago suburbs. My position is that of interim co-pastor, and the whole set-up was providential, indeed! Amazing how quickly things can happen.

In my position as a spiritually-knowledgeable person, I try to stay informed about biblical things. So, I sometimes read things online.

For instance, I read a helpful post today on a biblical encouragement website. Last week, this website featured posts from Ephesians, where Paul is admonishing his readers to stay away from certain actions. Negative (“do not!”) commands from Paul seldom trigger positive emotions inside me! True, his “do not!” commands may admonish me—and be sure that I need regular admonishment. *grin* Instead, what works well for me is positive reinforcement, especially what this website mentioned in its post today. If I know that what I say or what comes out of my mouth has the possibility of giving God joy? Well then, I am strongly encouraged to keep on saying things like that! It’s the way I am wired. It works for me.

That’s one reason I get along so well with my partner in crime, my co-worker and co-pastor, Gordon. He and I have an excellent partnership being interim co-pastors of a small church in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove. He is so encouraging and positive to everyone—including me. And I am naturally encouraging and caring back at him (being a chaplain/pastoral care kind of gal). He and I work well, and reflect well off of, each other.

My encouragement to each of my readers is to consider Ephesians 4:29-32. Except in a positive manner. How can each of us do these things, live in this way, pleasing to God? Instead of getting bogged down in where I’ve fallen short, I can look at the positive, and strive to do more! Live better, and be an encouragement to others! Oh, walk more closely with God, too.

Let’s pray. Dear God, thank You for the words of Paul that come to us in the New Testament. Forgive us for where we fall short, because we mess up every day. Thanks for loving us, anyhow. Help us to look on the positive side, give joy to others, and encourage each one we meet today. By Your help and power we pray, Amen.