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PEACE is the Concept of Shalom

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, March 2, 2016


PEACE is the Concept of Shalom

My friend and colleague from St. John’s Lutheran Church, Rev. Joe McInnis, invited me to attend the church he pastors, in Wilmette, Illinois. I went to the contemporary service this past weekend, and talked with several people about their views on PEACE.

I was so glad Pastor Joe gave me his personal definition of PEACE: the concept of the Hebrew word ‘shalom.’

He said further, “Peace is so much more than the cessation of fighting. Peace is wholeness, health, completeness, safety, wellness, security. And, that’s just to begin with.” Pastor Joe is so right. The Hebrew concept is so much bigger than just a stop or pause in fighting.

There is a richness, a fullness to the concept of shalom. Wellness, much more than only health, is just a single part of the meaning. “Both/and” (one of my favorite expressions) covers both safety and security. And, these two words can be a part of the Hebrew concept. Thus, shalom means all those words. So many different facets.

Dear Lord, thank You for this excellent reminder about shalom. Lord, help me grope my way towards shalom. You want to gather us together, like chicks. Like children. Help us to truly know Your peace, Your shalom.


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