PEACE: Tranquil State of Mind

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, April 9, 2016


PEACE: Tranquil State of Mind

Today I will share some special personal definitions of PEACE. I had the opportunity to visit the Muslim Community Center in Morton Grove last Sunday afternoon.

After the presentation on clear communication, the president of the Sunday school reminded the gathered crowd that I was there to ask the simple question “What is PEACE, to you?” The responses I received? Some were quite similar to what I have been gathering for the past two months. And, some were poignant, even heart-wrenching.

Hina’s personal definition: “PEACE is tranquility.”

Short, simple, effective. When I asked her for more information,her description was simple, too: “I want peace everywhere. That’s calm, no disturbance.”

Hina, you are so right. That is my hope and prayer.

Kulsum Tariq is the principal of the Sunday school where their community does continuing education. Tarig’s defintion caused many people to think about various ways PEACE happens.

He was so kind to write down all of these: “Peace is harmony between people or groups; treaty marking the end of a war.”

True words, indeed! Thank you also for your kindness in suggesting these expressions of PEACE, Tariq.

Gracious, merciful God, we give thanks to You for communication. Help us to have open ears to hear diverse voices. Help us bring open hearts to conversations. Thank You, God.



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