PEACE = Tranquility

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, March 6, 2016

PEACE = Tranquility

Last Tuesday, I attended the senior group at St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Morton Grove to speak to them about PEACE. I started my talk with how divided the country was today. Talking about various kinds of division, I mentioned how much general, free-floating fear and anxiety have also shot way up.

Isn’t the country more and more divided now? I talked about the lack of PEACE and what we can do about it. Several ideas about how to lessen the animosity between people and between groups of people.

I also gave them some background on my Pursuing PEACE Project, and asked if any of the seniors would be willing to give me their personal definition of PEACE. Several of them were eager to give me their points of view.

Today’s definition comes from a quiet woman sitting by herself. After my presentation, I circulated around the room and asked a number of people about PEACE.. I went up to her and asked my question: “What is your personal definition of PEACE?”

Irene Bauer said—in what I assumed was her normal, soft-spoken way of delivery— “My definition of PEACE is tranquility.”

When I asked her a little further understanding of what she wanted of PEACE, she also mentioned that “if everything is tranquil, then you can have peace of mind.”

I thought about that, and tried to echo it back to her. She nodded. (Not saying another word.) I then asked another clarifying question. “So, one good way of you having a peaceful mind is for the outside environment to be quieter and not so full of fighting.” She paused for a moment, considering what I had just said. And, nodded again.

Dear Lord, such a gentle, quiet definition from this quiet lady. I pray for her, and for all people with a similar quiet, tranquil point of view. Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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